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SoftAlliance is a highly motivated and resourceful firm offering cutting-edge IT services to run businesses efficiently through its diverse expertise and experience. Navigate through SoftAlliance’s profile to know about their services.

Company Introduction

Incepted in 2005, SoftAlliance is an IT firm located in Nigeria. The firm helps clients manage the business efficiently with their various services. The company has been providing high-end services for the past fifteen years, and they have led the most significant ERP system implementation in both the commercial and public sectors in West Africa. The firm works with a vision to become a world-class information and communication technology organization and mission to empower clients with state-of-the-art technology. Being a technology partner, the firm understands that technology plays an essential role in any business, so the firm focuses on this vital part for their client’s business growth. In their business tenure, the firm has won a total of 9 awards and offered 24 ERP extensions. It is to be believed that due to their exceptional services and dedication to work, the numbers will continue to grow.

The firm is driven by motivated professionals who have been highly experienced in working with the latest tools and technologies. Due to this, they have unveiled the mystery of technology across the African Market.

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IT Services

IT services are the needs of the hour, and SoftAlliance understands this fact very well. The firm consists of learned professionals and IT experts who have acquired the right skill set to support their clients’ business growth through IT services. The performance-driven team applies robust methodologies and experience to offer clients this fundamental solution. For a company that wants to attain an imperative leadership position in the market, SoftAlliance is its best partner.

Delivering IT services calls for a proactive team that is always on the go to deliver managed services. SoftAlliance consists of such a team that works to improve clients’ business processes. With every passing day, IT needs are increasing, and companies are getting sure about integrating this into their business for proper functioning. SoftAlliance offers IT services for their clients to curtail their operational expenses and shine bright in the competition with a strong presence.

The services by SoftAlliance fix every complexity associated with the firm and keep an eye on every process to plan out perfect IT services. By chalking out the right strategies, the firm maintains and services the computer networks through monitoring, patch management, and optimization regularly. In addition to that, they also offer 24 hours managing and tracking of OEM relationships and issues.

By also handling the application & database hosting in which the firm focuses on relieving businesses from owning systems to focus on increasing business competency. SoftAlliance holds itself accountable for IT support & maintenance also. In this, the IT experts ensure that their clients’ business is run smoothly and seamlessly with no downtime. Plus, the IT infrastructure of the firm is also maintained. In business support SoftAlliance offers:

  • Server hardware & software support
  • Hosting/ cloud services
  • End-user hardware and administration support
  • Data recovery
  • Retainer and consultancy service
  • Infrastructure monitoring and support

SoftAlliance completely understands the heavy competition prevailing in the market, and the omniscient team does whatever is morally right to attain the clients’ business objectives. By addressing every need of clients, including 24 hours IT surveillance, SoftAlliance aims to provide considerable benefits to clients.

The work done by SoftAlliance is peerless because, along with offering services, they also work on obtaining the clients’ trust. For this the firm maintains  healthy customer-client relationships and keeps transparency in work. Thus, for making certain that their clients’ business survives and flourishes in the long run and working with perseverance for that GoodFirms spotlights SoftAlliance as one of the best IT services at GoodFirms.

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