PlateDetect is a highly scalable solution that uses an image processing technology – Optical Character Recognition algorithm for capturing vehicle plate numbers for intelligent vehicle and traffic management. Its Billing Components facilitates bill generation using the output of the Number Plate Verification.

PlateDetect captures incidences and Number Plate then interacts with Authorized Agencies/Organizations that have the capability to manage vehicle details for further verification and tariff identification.


  • Real time recognition mode ensures that as the captures are being done, the captured details are verified against the Authorized agencies that manages vehicle details for validity and offences in real time.
  • Low and high-speed number plate detection ensures that irrespective of the speed of the vehicle the number plate can be detected.
  • 24/7 Recognition with high definition cameras which are unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Multiple User Access grants different users access the application with their view being dependent on their role of assignment.
  • Duplicate Number Plate Filtering the system ensures that a check of newly captured data is done against previously captured data to eliminate duplicate.
  • Embeds a “stamp” of the date, time, GPS coordinates the system ensures that each capture is geotagged (has a stamp to help the users identify the exact time and location of the incidence/capture).
  • Historic search of detected number plates this feature ensures that authorized users have access to captured number plates for a range of period.


  • Ensures that bills are generated for defaulters.
  • Ensures that defaulters are immediately Identified. 
  • Increases the rate of vehicle and road compliance.
  • Multi-Organization can utilize the data captured.
  • To make road transportation safer by ensuring that only roadworthy vehicles are on our roads.
  • Vehicles can also be easily blacklisted