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What Tech is to us

Technology is a fundamental part of everyday life and business, yet it remains a mystery to many. With clients and the competition in every business sector becoming increasingly tech-savvy, it is imperative for any company that wants to attain market leadership in its field to be on the leading edge of disruptive technologies.

Our Expertise

Soft Alliance has over the years successfully illuminated the mystery of technology for our clients across the African operating environment. Working hand in hand with our clients, we have led the largest ERP system implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the first public sector ERP installation.

ERP Systems Design & Implementation
Network Infrastructure Support & Maintenance
Managed Services
Payment Solutions
Applications & Database Hosting
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Enterprise Clients
Successful Implementation
ERP Extensions
Awards Won

SoftBilling Solution from SoftAlliance provides a 360o view of incoming revenue and a significant reduction in ticket processing time accross all MDAs boosting transparency, accountability and good governance.

Lagos State Government

Prior to our enrollment on SoftPAY, salary payment was a nightmare. Quality time was expended monthly on staff account verification and individual credits to several banks. 

Now with SoftPAY, once the data is uploaded and verified, our monthly salary payments take about 15 minutes and all the staff get paid instantly in one transaction irrespective of the bank. Its seamless, easy to use and stress-less.

Mrs Foluke Aina - MD VD&S Farms

Solutions from SoftAlliance has helped reduce the payroll processing time and save $ 0.5 Million in bank charges.

Oando PLC

Substantial reduction in manual HR work done since the adoption of the eBusiness Suite implemented by SoftAlliance and Resources Limited.

Africa Reinsurance Corporation - Head, HR Unit

Prior to our enrollment on SoftSUITE, our Human Resources and payroll activities were been done manually. And it takes a whole lot of time to get things done.
Substantial reduction in manual work and the time expended in doing manual work has been channeled to other activities. Easy connectivity and easy to use user interface.

Dapo Adedoyin - LASIMRA

Recently we underwent a major change as our Business metamorphosed. Having Soft suite as our Human Resource Solution definitely made this transition easier as reports were at our finger tips. User friendly and great technical support team.

Ebuwa Babajide - Head, HR Unit

Intelligent HR/Payroll solution from SoftSUITE 2.0

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