What Technology is to Us

Technology is a fundamental part of everyday life and business, yet it remains a mystery to many. With clients and the competition in every business sector all becoming increasingly tech-savvy, it is imperative for any company that wants to attain market leadership in its field to be on the leading edge of leveraging technology.

Soft Alliance has over the years successfully illuminated the mystery of technology for our clients across the Nigerian/African operating environment. Working hand in hand with our clients, we have led the largest ERP system implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the first public sector ERP installation.


Our Products Solve Your problems

SoftAlliance PayGATE®

SoftAlliance PayGATE® is a scalable and secure online billing presentment and collection platform integrated with ALL banks, payment processors, and gateways.

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Designed to track performance and support all critical processes, SoftSUITE® helps businesses maximize its human capital resources to deliver on set goals

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SoftBILLINGS® is a revolutionary solution designed to help organizations, institutions, and governments adequately track and monitor business processes.

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Making payment for any transaction shouldn’t be difficult. SoftPAY® provides customers with payment choices on transactions, be it single or bulk.

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We Have What You Need

Manage all your financial transactions and auditing
Create and Manage all Bills/Invoices
Manage and process tax related transactions
Manage HR functions such as Performance and Payroll
Setup IT infrastructures, manage data and Support services.
Biometric Solutions, Portals, Training and much more.
Enterprise Clients
Successful Implementation
ERP Extensions

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