Tax payment is not a trivial matter. It is the civic duty of the citizens and organizations living and doing business in any nation. Defaulting individuals and organizations are punished for not adequately meeting all tax requirements according to law. Many times, the processes of tax assessment, collection, reconciliation and auditing makes fulfilling tax obligations difficult. What if there is a way an individual or organization can fulfill its tax obligations free of all these challenges.

SoftTAX® is a complete web-based tax administration system that embodies the entire tax processes from tax assessment, collection, and reporting to accounting. The application is designed inline in personal & corporate income tax regulation.  It provides a databank of verified and identifiable tax data of individuals and organizations that can be used for various intelligence and management processes such as tax auditing.

By seamlessly integrating SoftTAX® with other applications such as the Central Billing System or any other third-party applications, it automates the process of Tax Revenue Generation, Tracking and Reporting, thus enhancing transparency and accountability. It reports the detailed record of payments made in various accounts and identifies tax defaulters.

SoftTAX® is a flexible program that caters for both existing and future tax assessment that enables Taxpayers process their tax from any tax office or via a dedicated web portal while maintaining a single tax history. It helps the government through its collecting agencies decentralize tax processes, achieve uniformity in the application of tax laws and collect the right amount of tax from the right person as at when due by tracking, monitoring and driving compliance among all taxpayers, organizations, and associations by the law.

Product Features

  • General, Client, Workflow, Organization, Tax Office, Taxpayer and Portal Administration and Managements.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence.
  • Integration to third party Solutions.
  • Manage and Preview Company and Employee’s Tax Summary and movement history.
  • Manage Payee Taxes, Tax Category, Bank and Tax Formula.
  • Providing Trails for Auditing.
  • Can be Integrated with Third-Party System.
  • Organization Category Management.


  • Transparency and accountability of all remitted tax.
  • Tracking and Identification of Tax defaulters.
  • Secure Multiple payment channels (trusted payment gateways /processors), thus, providing options for customers.
  • No human intervention required in Tax computation.
  • Easy Identification of all eligible Taxpayers at a glance.
  • Global view of how much to remit and how much has been remitted.
  • Implementation of rules guiding Tax assessment.
  • Ease of client administration.
  • Databank of verified identifiable individual Tax data that can be used for various intelligence and management processes.
  • Uniquely identifying all Taxpayers, Tax Officers, Agents and Organizations with Tax-Paying Employees.
  • Seamlessly automated process of Tax Revenue Generation, Tracking and Reporting for Government Administrative Purposes.
  • Accounting for Tax revenue with detail records from assessment to payment into TRSG bank accounts.