This generation has proven that information is everything and needs to be protected. It is no longer business as usual, as firms needs to protect the very assets that gives them competitive advantage, be it people or data. Securing data is no small tasks. Protecting information from getting into the wrong hands need more stringent security measures and access levels. One that combines Biological anatomy with technology to provide access.

Bio-registration is a high-level security measure organizations use to identify and protect assets. Processes such as access control, identification, safety and security rides on the accuracy of data captured and the specificity of system performance requirements.

SoftAlliance Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), SoftID®, is a solution with components designed for recognizing individuals based on measurable biological and behavioral characteristics such as Finger Print, Faces, Iris, etc. Each component of the solution can be scaled to the requirements of any project.

Product Features

SoftID® ABIS 9.0 includes the following service modules and components:

  • SoftID® ABIS Client.
  • Administration.
  • Adjudication Applications.
  • SoftID® ABIS API
  • Matching.
  • Image Processing Service.
  • Image Management.


  • Manage commercial related issues such as Software Logins, e-Payments, Payroll, ATMs and record protection and Data Access Control.
  • Manage Governance related issues such as Passports, Border control, Access control, National or State residential identification and registration, Security and Protection and Healthcare services.
  • Manage Forensic activities for investigation and security.


Management Service

The Management Service is a core component of SoftID® which executes requests for biometric services via transaction mechanism and workflow by breaking the project into delegated tasks for execution. It validates projects which are then sent to Image Processing to create and match biometric template. It involves Validation, Security and Transaction Management.


Image Processing Service

The Image Processing Service is based on SoftID® 9.0 biometric template extraction technology that is used for biometric data quality assessment and extraction from fingerprints, faces and iris images. Processes involved are Segmentation, Quality and Sequence Check and Extraction.


Matching Service

The Matching Service stores biometric data in the Template Database and matches the received biometric data against the stored data in the database using SoftID® Accelerator 9.0 technology. Based on project requirements, matching service can consist of a single or multiple computational units arranged in a cluster as primary unit and nodes. The primary unit receives tasks from Management Service, distributes biometric matching tasks between the cluster nodes, stores biometric data in the Main Database module and synchronizes copies of the Main Database between the cluster nodes.



SoftID® ABIS offers easy, secure, and flexible web services-based interface for communication with SoftID® ABIS units, outside of SoftAlliance ABIS core, as well as external client applications. The web services cover the necessary aspects of required biometric services for biometric data storing, update, identification, verification and submission of matching results.