Making payment for any transaction shouldn’t be difficult, rather, it should be easy, flexible and provide customers with choices. Whatever transaction, be it single or bulk, payment should be made easily and securely. SoftPAY® is an electronic courier system by SoftAlliance that rides on the secure electronic highways to deliver funds to bank accounts and associated schedules to relevant bodies in recipient-specified formats and can be integrated with third-party solutions. SoftPAY® is a Custom Web-Based Application developed to automate receiving and sending of funds via integration with external applications to ease the process of executing a business, personal or quick service transactions.

The Solution handles activities such as online registration for individuals and businesses, account type setup for business and personal accounts, Funds transfer, account balance summary, transaction Summary, etc.

SoftPAY® is a scalable solution that allows organization of any size send payments to a single or large number of recipients directly to their nominated bank accounts. Integrated with a third-party billing and payroll systems, it can help businesses securely and smartly make payments to its customers, employees, and suppliers.


  • User, Card Pin, Token and Transaction Management
  • Workflow and Approval Management
  • Funds Transfer and Account Balance Display
  • Payment Gateway and Password Management
  • User-friendly interface and support for Mobile Devices.
  • Robust Reporting and SecurityMulti-Invoicing,
  • Multi-Account and Multi-Payment Options
  • Simultaneous Bulk payments to bank account
  • Report Management and Notification Vending


  • Ability to make bulk payments to employee and suppliers
  • Eliminates human intervention
  • Customers can make payment for bill in real-time
  • Payment reconciliation are automated with payroll
  • Merchant can engage in online billing and invoicing
  • Provides secure multiple payment and data communication channels with payment gateways, processors and banks
  • Seamless integration with any Merchant’s third-party application
  • Prompt payment confirmation and notification of all stakeholders – Merchant, Banks and Processors
  • Generate report on transaction status