SoftAlliance welcomes Neural Labs to Nigeria

SoftAlliance Staff welcome Juan Carlos Silva of Neural Labs

You’re welcome and thank you very much for this interview we are joined by Osilama Aliu, one of our in-house network experts as well as our resource person for all things traffic management.

We will be welcoming Mr. Juan Carlos Silva – business development manager from Neural Labs (EMEA Region) and even though sometimes I had to attend to customers also a day I’ve been in the company for the last three years I have been working quite closely on related to traffic systems which have been in the business more than 17 years since the last three years is when I’m being involved in anything related to the traffic analytics.

What Neural labs does?

Neural Labs has more than 20 years of experience in the development of specialized software based on reading license plates and video analytics. Established in the city of Barcelona- Spain, Neural Labs is recognized in the national and international market as an efficient company and a reliable partner, thanks to the high rate of license plate reading and innovation in traffic control, security and mobility solutions for cities and municipalities.

The mission of the company in brief is to promote safety for all road users by introducing technology in traffic administration.

During the last decade the company has been developing applications based on neuronal networks, as well as new deep learning techniques, to offer an important variety of artificial intelligence solutions applied to access controls, tolls, parking, logistics, traffic and mobility.

Our vehicle recognition software Neural Server, combines neuronal technology and artificial intelligence, to develop traffic analytics efficiently and quickly in any scenario: On-board systems (police vehicles), cameras at fixed points (to recognize vehicle license plates continuously, at any speed).

What attributes make the synergy between the two companies work?

  • Different expertise in the fields which is required for this kind of implementation
  • Qualified personnel
  • Interest in knowledge as well as been an active partner with Neural labs
  • The relationship has grown into a 2-way relationship.

What can we look forward to?

  • Neural networks
  • Container management solutions for ports
  • Border management solutions e.t.c

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