SoftAlliance Launches PlateDetect 2.0 (for Mobile)

Following the directive of the Lagos State governor in 2017 that VIS personnel stay-off Lagos roads, the Director of the VIS has been exploring innovative paths to discharge their duties with minimal interfacing with the public.

One of such innovations has been the Plate Detect application from Soft Alliance & Resources.

On the 18th of January, 2019, we hosted a draft of not less than 30 VIS personnel from the 20 commands within Lagos state for a master class in the field application of the mobile version of our traffic-management solution, Plate Detect.

This new application issue is hinged on the introduction of mobile traffic cameras mounted on patrol vans, these are equipped to deliver seamless auto plate recognition on the go and at high speed around dark spots. While our stationary cameras are solar-powered to ensure 24-hour surveillance, the mobile counterpart is compatible with the phone car charger and provide high-resolution images at up to 30 meters, with a maximum speed of 250 km/h and very suitable for wide lane traffic.

These mobile cameras shoot in both colour and monochrome modes, with 4 high power LEDs with a combined wavelength of 850nm. This system is accompanied by a management tablet and the alternate communicating units.

The masterclass began with an immersive classroom session quickly followed by real-life scenarios on the highway.  The data captured is displayed in an appealing interface as traffic analytics.

Here is a look at a cross-section of pictures from the master class.

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