In today’s world, Corporations rely on ICT to maintain a competitive edge. SoftAlliance Network Infrastructure combines state-of-the-art hardware and software resources to enable communication and connectivity. Our network system executes processes which are critical to business success with high efficiency. We provide the communication path between users, processes, applications, services and the external network or internet.

SoftAlliance is a leader in building and deploying Network Infrastructures for organizations. Our technical capabilities extend to Network Hardware, Software and Services. We design, configure and install Local, Wide and Metropolitan Area Network (LAN/WAN/MAN) cabling infrastructure to meet the need of our client’s business. We design Network systems to meet client’s needs be it Storage Area Network (SAN), Enterprise Private Network (EPN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN). We foresee the growth potential of business and design systems to meet and sustain projected growth for the future.

SoftAlliance Borderless Network Services securely links several locations and devices to make communications easier and more cost effective. Certified as Partner with major OEMs in Cable (Copper and Fibre) and Microwave Radio installation and management, our team combines cutting-edge exposure, historical references and combined team technical experience in designing network infrastructure that satisfies both short and long term needs of our clients. Our unique design strategy helps eliminate the bottlenecks and optimize network functionality right from the get-go. We intelligently integrate not just the Hardware and Software, but also the “Personnel” into our design; taking structural data cabling, networking device configuration, servers installation and setup, all the way to the end-users’ devices to provide a complete business solution.