Product Overview

Businesses thrive when bills and invoices are fulfilled. Hence, the need to track all generated bills/invoices and reconcile payments when serviced to prevent against inconsistencies and irregularities. The process of revenue generation from billing to payment needs to be efficient.

SoftBILLINGS® is a revolutionary product designed to help organizations, institutions, and governments adequately track and monitor all transactions internal to their business process. It integrates and automates the transaction flow from bill creation to customer payments. It can be integrated with a third-party applications, such as HR and Financial Information Systems, to automate bill/invoice generation for customers, reconcile bill and payments.

SoftBILLINGS® is a useful tool to drive revenue generation process while reducing leakages and enhancing transparency and accountability.

  • Real-Time Insight, Intelligence and Analytics into Billing and Business Decision Dashboard
  • Forecasting based on accumulation transaction history
  • Accurate Reconciliation of transactions in receivables and cash at hand
  • Receipt Processing for Auto-Reconciliation
  • System Administration
  • Employee and Customer Integration with Financials systems
  • Customer Portal – Online Registration, Manifest Upload, Provisional Bill Generation, Final Bill Notification, Online Payment and Account Summary.
  • BackOffice Portal Core Billing Transaction Approval Processes
  • Secure integration with Organization’s Financial Information Systems
  • Customer Information and Invoice Numbers will be generated from Account Receivable modules of the Agency’s ERP solution.
  • Interface directly to integrated payment gateway for all invoices.
  • All invoices items/lines will be predefined to their respective GL Accounts in the FIMS of Client Greenview.
  • Track all Customers and invoice payment status from the payment gateway in the Agency’s ERP through the Billing Application.
  • Reduced manual input and faster processing of transactions
  • Ease of doing business
  • Databank of customers
  • Business Intelligence on both Revenue and Collection Report.
  • Eliminating possibility of under-billing or double-billing
  • Providing access to all Revenue generating points and locations
  • Enabling verification and validation of customer payment
  • Greater transparency and accountability
  • Tracking and tracing outstanding receivables
  • Providing a monitoring tool for executives for quick response on financial decision and revenue account destination
  • Seamlessly reconcile generated bills and collections into the installed Financial Information Management System