5 Tips to Design a Good ERP System

So you are the CIO/CTO of your company and have been charged with the responsibility of implementing a good ERP system. You know there are so many parts to the project but one thing is clear, it has to address all pain points and must be delivered at reasonable cost to the organization.  

Here are Five Tips to help you deliver a good ERP system at reasonable cost.

1. Thorough Analysis of requirements:

You need to carry out a clear and thorough analysis of the organization. From user to management, current process to the improvements required, all through to authority and approval channels. In a nutshell, a full documentation of what the project should cover. You can consult the service of a reputable ICT firm.

2. System Requirement should align with Company’s goals:

After a comprehensive analysis of the company’s requirements, the document developed should be aligned with the goals of the organization. Asking critical questions can help fine tune all documentation to specificity. In short, you need to know what the company aims to achieve with this investment.

3. Stick to Best Practice:

It cannot be said enough, cutting corners is disastrous. You have to ensure that standards are strictly adhered to, to prevent any issue in the future. Consulting with experienced implementation team will do a lot of good in these aspects.

4. Seek Expert Reviews for good ERP System:

Different ERP systems have their strengths and weaknesses both technically and functionally. A thorough review of the documentation developed by the expert will help point out this deep holes based on your current system and the capability of your IT team and then provide the necessary advice before implementation.

5. Drive a reasonable bargain:

You need to deliver the project at a cost reasonable to the management of the organization. Sometimes good ERP systems that are a fit for your organization may be a bit pricey. Make sure you bargain as hard as you can and also ask for discounts. Look at the Implementation team that meets all required expertise, review its cost to arrive at an agreed point, leverage on volume and continuity of business to ask for a discount. It must be said that reasonable cost may not necessarily be within budget, but a good ERP system is worth every penny.

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