Product Overview

PlateDetect is a highly scalable solution that uses an image processing technology – Optical Character Recognition algorithm for capturing vehicle plate numbers for intelligent vehicle and traffic management. Its Billing Components facilitates bill generation using the output of the Number Plate Verification.

PlateDetect captures incidences and Number Plate then interacts with Authorized Agencies/Organizations that have the capability to manage vehicle details for further verification and tariff identification.

Here are a few features of Plate Detect:

Real time recognition mode this feature ensures that as the captures are being done, the captured details are verified against the Authorized agencies that manages vehicle details for validity and offences.

Low and high-speed number plate detection this feature ensures that irrespective of the speed of the vehicle the number plate can be detected.

24/7 Recognition this feature ensures the number plates are identified irrespective of the weather condition.

Multiple User Access this feature enables different users to access the application with their view being dependent on their role of assignment.

Duplicate Number Plate Filtering the system ensures that a check of newly captured data is done against previously captured data to eliminate duplicate.

Embeds a “stamp” of the date, time, GPS coordinates the system ensures that each capture has a stamp to help the users identify the exact time and location of the incidence/capture.

Historic search of detected number plates this feature ensures that authorized users have access to captured number plates for a range of period.

  • Multi-currency Management – Register transactions in various currencies and exchange rates.
  • User Management – User access can be managed for each device and can be driven by
  • credentials preloaded in the system.
  • Printer Setup – Print over Bluetooth, pair with different printer types.
  • Cash Register – With the table feature, Kashiar can be deployed at common locations in addition,
  • the regular product checkout works for all transactions.
  • Storage Status – This provides the list of products defined, their quantity. It also provides update
  • on status of the product and the defined re-order level in the specified warehouse
  • Integration & External Modules – Set up integration credentials with the mPOS and 3rd party
  • accounting systems.
  • Store Setup – This feature allows merchants setup multiple stores for their business or pull all the
  • information about an already existing store to the device.
  • Customizable/Ad-hoc reports: – information like historical price changes, returned good’s list,
  • depreciated goods list, daily status, receipts, balance in hand, low stock products
  • Accurately track the status of all machines both online and offline.
  • Configure devices for multiple types of currencies
  • Open multiple channels for customer payments
  • Gauge performance of all store fronts for merchants with multiple locations/sales point.
  • Real-time remote monitoring of the sales personnel activities at all Cash tills.