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OVH is Live!

The principal objective of the ORACLE MIGRATION-DIVESTITURE PROJECT for OVH Energy Marketing was to segregate the data for migration from the Oracle E-Business Suite on its dated Oando Plc. server environment on to new Oracle servers by 30th September 2019.

Oando Plc. divested her investment in Oando Marketing now known as OVH with Vitol and Helios having majority shares.  Oando Plc. also provides the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and I.T Service by which OVH manages her operations.

Today, the current Oracle hardware infrastructure is approaching the end of life and requires a refresh, OVH Energy Marketing (OVHEM) indicated interest to retain the present TSA (Transition Service Agreement) until December 2019 OVHEM and other former entities at Oando plc have individually evaluated what ERP system to use post-2019 while an entity already has gone live on a separate ERP.

Given the financial constraints of running a new ERP and the possibility of business disruptions, OVHEM reached a decision to continue with the existing Oracle ERP. The project’s defined scope was to filter divested company information, create two separate Oracle E-Business Suite databases that are complete, fully-functional and configured with information relevant to each continuing company to be achieved with ePrentise software. Applying the software’s filter to determine what data remains in the source instance and what related data is moved or copied to a new instance.

SoftAlliance also worked with other key stakeholders such as Oando, Rackspace, ePrentise & OVH in order to achieve the following:

  • Extension of SoftAlliance project tool (TaskHub) for the UAT exercise.
  • Development and creation of test cases and scripts for the UAT exercise.
  • Coordination of the UAT exercise.
  • Hardware order delivery.
  • Installation & configuration of hardware.
  • Project management and coordination.
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